Working as a HGV Driver in London

Working as a HGV driver in general can be very stressful but when you add London driving conditions into the mix, it amplifies that even more. That being said, working as a HGV driver does come with some benefits. If you enjoy being on the road and don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day then working as a HGV driver could be the perfect career for you.

Below are some of the practical things you need to consider as well as some advice on getting HGV insurance.

Things you need to consider

  • Suitability for the job – One of the most important things you need to think about is your suitability for the job. Not only will working as a HGV driver in London be very stressful at times but you’ll need to have a good amount of experience either working as a HGV driver or have done plenty of training. If you don’t deal with stress well then it’s almost certainly not the job for you.
  • Available hours – You also need to consider whether you’re prepared to work long and anti-social hours, as this is often expected of HGV drivers.
  • Insurance – Another thing you may need to take care of in order to work as a HGV driver is insurance. There are some companies who cover their drivers but if you need to take care of it yourself then you’ll need to think about the cost and exactly what type of cover you need to get.

Where to get HGV insurance

There are many places you can get HGV insurance quotes online, including sites such as Clean Green Compare. When looking for quotes it’s always important to get them from specialist providers.

You should also take any steps you can to lower the cost of HGV insurance. Getting a lot of quotes is a very good way to do this. Other ways to save money on HGV insurance include paying for your policy upfront, making your vehicle more secure and getting a limited mileage policy.