Insuring a Mini Fleet

Whether you have a personal collection of cars or you run a business that relies on the use of 2-5 vehicles, mini fleet insurance provides a way to insure your vehicles together in a way that’s cheap and convenient.

There are now many great places you can find mini fleet insurance online, so getting a policy at a reasonable price should not be an issue.

If you’re considering getting mini fleet insurance then below are some of the biggest advantages of it.

Why consider mini fleet insurance?

  • It’s cheaper – One of the most obvious benefits of mini fleet insurance is that it usually works out cheaper compared to insuring your vehicles on separate policies. The cost of a mini fleet policy will depend on various factors, including how many vehicles you’re insuring, the value of the vehicles, how secure they are and the named drivers. However in most cases a fleet policy will be cheaper.
  • It’s easier – Another big benefit of mini fleet insurance is that it’s easier to manage. Having one policy for all your vehicles rather than separate policies for each means there’s less paperwork and it’s easier to make a claim.
  • A great option for small business owners – If you run a small business with between 2 and 5 vehicles, whether they’re vans, cars or any other type of vehicle, then you can get them insured together under one convenient policy.

Ways to save money

  • Hire reliable drivers – If you’re getting mini fleet insurance for your business then one of the best ways to save money is by hiring reliable drivers who are over the age of 25. The age of your named drivers always makes a big difference since younger drivers are much more likely to be involved in a collision statistically.
  • Secure your vehicles – Making your vehicles secure is another way to cut down the cost of mini fleet insurance. The vast majority of modern vehicles come with an alarm as standard but you should also make sure the vehicles are securely parked when not in use.
  • Get quotes from different insurance providers – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is easier than ever to do now and is one of the best ways you can save money on mini fleet insurance.