A Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Any businesses that deal with vehicles, whether it’s working on them, cleaning them, transporting them, buying and selling etc. has to have motor trade insurance.

Motor trade insurance is a type of cover that provides protection for the common risks that are involved in running a business in the motor trade.

If you are thinking of starting a motor trade business or are just interested in how motor trade insurance works then below is a guide to help you.

Types of motor trade insurance

  • Road risks – This type of cover is vital when you work in the motor trade. It will ensure that you and your employees are able to work on and drive customer vehicles. You can choose what level of protection you want from third party only; third party, fire and theft; and fully comprehensive.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are a risk for all types of businesses, especially those that are in the motor trade. Having a good amount of public liability cover included in your policy is therefore always recommended.
  • Part-time motor trade insurance – If you work in the motor trade only part-time then you can get a policy that covers you only for when you need it.
  • Combined motor trade insurance – A combined motor trade insurance policy enables you to protect all aspects of your business together. This means you can get cover for road risks as well as protecting your premises, tools, stock and cash.

Some of the benefits of getting quotes online

  • Save time – A big benefit of getting motor trade insurance quotes online is that you can save a lot of time. Usually it’s simply a case of filling out one quote form to get quotes from several different providers. This is much easier than calling different providers by phone.
  • Save money – By getting quotes very easily, you can compare them and pick the one that’s the best value for money. This is one of the best ways to make sure you get the best deal on motor trade insurance.
  • Easily adjust your policy options – Getting cover online means you can easily add and remove cover options as you desire.